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    The development of clean coal is at the right time
    RELEASE TIME: 2019-06-27

    Coal is the main source of energy and an important industrial raw material in China. China is rich in coal but short of oil and gas. The reliability, low price and cleanness of coal resources determine that the position and role of coal as the main energy source in China will not change in the long term.

    With the gradual implementation of coal production capacity withdrawal, China's coal market supply and demand has achieved a basic balance, the rational recovery of coal prices, coal production structure continues to optimize. "However, the coal industry still faces an arduous task to cut overcapacity and achieve development." Wang xianzheng, President of China national coal industry association, pointed out in Beijing recently that at present, the situation of coal overcapacity in the country has not fundamentally changed, although the profitability of the coal industry has increased, but most enterprises are still difficult to operate, to achieve the coal industry out of difficulties and transformation development, still need more exploration and efforts. The 13th five-year plan and a longer period in the future will be the key period for China to promote the energy revolution and the reform, transformation and upgrading of the coal industry. A new round of industrial revolution is emerging, the pace of energy restructuring is accelerating, safety in production and ecological and environmental constraints in mining areas are being strengthened, and opportunities and challenges coexist. Wang Xianzheng said, in this process, the coal industry to coal supply side to promote structural reform as the main line, to promote the intellectualized mining of coal safety green and clean and efficient, low carbon intensive utilization promote coal industry development model from production to production services, implementation of coal development from traditional energy to clean energy transformation.

    The coordinated development of clean and efficient utilization of coal and new and renewable energy is not only in line with China's national conditions, but also has great room for development. At the same time of developing new and renewable energy, we should pay more attention to and promote the clean and efficient utilization technology and industrialization development of coal, which is the main energy in China. Wang xianzheng pointed out, "in the strategic positioning of long-term development, we should adhere to new energy and renewable energy as the development direction, and constantly increase the proportion of consumption; In the near future or on medium-term development strategic positioning, to adhere to the coal clean efficient intensive utilization for the development of a key, to promote coal ultra low emission, high efficiency type pulverized coal industry boiler, low rank coal classification quality, and the use of mature technologies such as industrialization, promote the coal and other fossil energy and new energy and renewable energy on the development strategy of effective connection, the mutual coupling on the developing way, in the process of development promote each other, promote the development of traditional energy sources such as coal to clean energy transformation ".

    We will conduct in-depth research on the distribution, consumption pattern, storage, transportation and regional security of China's coal resources, and improve the country's coal supply security capacity. In recent years, China's coal production and supply pattern has gradually changed, and part of the original coal transferred from the province to the province, the national coal supply security pressure increased. Especially in northeast, central and southern China, east China and southwest China, a large proportion of backward production capacity has been eliminated, and coal production has been further concentrated in a few provinces and regions, such as shanxi, shaanxi and Mongolia, adding to the difficulty of ensuring coal supply nationwide. Starting from the changes of China's coal resource conditions, development layout, production and consumption structure, we should scientifically plan the distribution of coal development, adapt to the changes of coal consumption pattern, strengthen the construction of coal transport channels, and improve the national coal supply and regional emergency guarantee capacity.

    We will seize the strategic opportunities provided by the new round of technological revolution, deepen implementation of the strategy of innovative development, unswervingly eliminate outdated production capacity, and upgrade the coal industry to an information-based, intelligent and greener level. Wang xianzheng introduced that after years of development, the integration of information technology and coal mine equipment manufacturing, safety, operation, management, finance and logistics is accelerating, forming an information-based development mode with characteristics of the coal industry. Coal industry must take the initiative to meet the challenges of the new round of industrial revolution, grasp the development opportunity, promote the intelligent coal mining, coal use clean, enterprise management informationization, the greening development model, with intelligent mining as the breakthrough point, with "knowledge + skilled personnel training as the breakthrough point, by a large digital, information support, form the momentum to promote the development of coal industry science.

    Seize the development opportunity of "One Belt And One Road", strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and enhance the international competitiveness of China's coal industry. To plan as a whole international and domestic two resources and two markets, strengthen the "area" all the way along the national laws and regulations, the coal industry policy, international trade policy and culture custom research, strengthen dialogue and exchanges with the international energy agency, international coal production cooperation, exert the intellectualized mining of coal in our country safe and effective and clean utilization technology advantages, improve design, consultation, production and service level, cultivate have international influence brand products, cultivate form industry new international cooperation and competition advantage.


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