San Diego State University
Communications Coordinator

Karey Sabol 
Director of International Programs
College of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Colorado Boulder

“Ana is a creative and competent web and media manager. She has beautifully designed several websites and directed a video project for me. Moreover, she regularly suggests changes I can make and proactive steps I can take to increase the visibility of my programs. I am grateful to have someone with her expertise in my Division!”

MultiVu Logo
Production Manager

Jacqueline Lindlof
ELA Teacher -Special education
Fort Worth ISD

“Ms. Pines is a conscientious, charming, and innovative colleague. She possesses the ability to adapt to an ever-changing working environment. She consistently makes the extra effort to ensure projects are completed in a timely and cost efficient manner. Ms. Pines, is a natural leader with a can do attitude who always gets the job done while playing key roles on multiple projects.”

Betty Moriarity
VP, Marketing 
National Penn Bank

“Ana’s focus on the client is at the top of her list. It is great to know that she is available every step of the way when we conduct our webcasts.”

Christiane Arbesu
Executive Vice President

“Ana is a very good worker who pays close attention to detail. She is wonderful with clients. I worked with Ana on a complicated webcast two years ago and I was very impressed with her managerial skills and knowledge. Ana is a great webcast producer with diverse talents in the writer and artistic arena. I would definitely recommend Ana.”

Renuka Kamerkar
Customer Success Manager

“Ana is a very detail oriented, organized person. She was always able to answer any questions, even if it did not pertain to her client directly. She was always reachable, no matter what time of the day it was.”

Hope Gold
Florida Registered Paralegal
Blade & Blade, P.A.

“Ana is always on top of projects. She pays attention to details and manages her time well. Ana would be my first choice to call on any job big or small.”

Stephen Weinstein
Integrated Marketing Communications Professional

What else can I say? I was a Nervous Nellie, executive producing my first ever webcast, with Ana serving as the technical producer. We were two time zones apart and I had questions as to whether or not I had uploaded the slides correctly. Out of frustration, I dropped her an e-mail, even though it was Sunday. SHE ANSWERED IT MOMENTS AFTER I SENT IT ! ! ! Ana continues to amaze me with her ability to remain calm and convincing, even when dealing with newbies like me. I’m sure she will do well at whatever life gives her and wish her only the best.”

Brent Blanchard
Sr. Director
Worldwide Channel Sales

“Ana is extremely responsive and know how to adapt to the customers needs even though they may not fit the standard offerrings. 

Ana was always available and was quick to pull in the additoinal help when needed.”

Bates Worldwide Logo

Luis Gomez
Senior Audio Visual Engineer

“I have personally known Ms. Ana Pines from 2002 – 2003 as her co-worker at Bates Worldwide. 
Ms. Pines supervised, coordinated, organized, scheduled and managed freelance staff and all audio/video and editing rooms in the company. 
Besides performing well at her assigned position, I found her to be very helpful, organized, forthright and reliable. She was always willing to give a helping hand and professional advice over and above her normal call of duty. 
In addition she is friendly and able to fit in with colleague and co-workers creating a positive team environment at work. 
I am fully confident that she will make amazing strides in her career and will prove to be an asset in her future positions as well. 
Hence I fully recommend Ms. Ana Pines and wish her luck. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. 

Luis Gomez.”

StarMedia Logo
Event Producer

Claudia Cruz

“Ana and I collaborated projects for the StarMedia Eventos Team. I observed Ana assist with the development and execution of live online video chats between Latin music stars and the public. Ana also served as camera person when the acclaimed Latin Hip Hop band Orishas came to the studio. I remember that Ana got very good shots during the chat. Though I have not worked with Ana since, I’m confident that she continues to be the same: smart, hardworking and energetic.”

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Teacher/Technical Assistant

Ahmed Hawari
Producer/ Director

“Ana was a fantastic employee/teaching assistant, I never had to tell her the job twice. She was always focused, detail oriented, a great writer/researcher, wonderful artist, on time all the time with great communication skills. It’s my pleasure to give her this recommendation. I can only hope to work with someone like her again.”