I’m a Communications Specialist with extensive experience in advertising, film/video, web, social media campaigns, marketing and public relations. I also work as a freelance writer and photographer.

My diverse career in media started at the age of 17 when New Youth Communications in New York first published my story, “No One Spoke Up for Irma”. The story has since been re-published twice in book compilations and is part of a workbook used in school classrooms to encourage students to confront, discuss and understand the violence that is embedded in many communities. My story was excerpted in Harvard University’s Nieman Reports, “Children and Violence: The Witness, The Victim, The Accused” in 2000. Since then I have been widely published in New York and San Diego as a photographer, journalist and columnist.

Ana Pines NASA
Behind the scenes at NASA in Orlando, Florida. I was selected to be part of their NASA Social program for the launching of SpaceX’s space station resupply mission.

My education background includes a BA in Film & TV from the esteemed New York University and an MBA from Baker College. My varied education, interests and work have allowed me to market to diverse audiences and deliver information through various channels. I was chosen to be part of the social media team for NASA’s SpaceX launch due to my proficiency in outreach. Media is always changing and I’m always learning. This is why I keep up to date on trends and best media practices through self-teaching and continuing education classes.

Currently, I work as an Online Advocacy Manager for Planned Parenthood Northern California (PPNorCal) and PPNorCal Action Fund. I play a key role in planning, creating and implementing communication strategies that align with the company’s standards across multiple digital spaces. Spearhead social media marketing campaigns, copywriting, content management  and creation, utilizing my writing, photography, and graphic design skills. My creativity and management experience strengthen my ability to assess projects and bring them in on time and on budget.

I’m also heavily involved in my community because I believe it’s important to give back. I was a Board of Director and film programmer for FilmOut San Diego. I represented the non-profit on various news programs in English and Spanish. I also implemented an email campaign that increased the sale of festival passes by 200%.

Make A Wish Ana Pines
Granting a Make A Wish Shopping Spree.

As a Wish Granter for Make-A-Wish Foundation I took photos during shopping spree wishes and used them to create keepsake books for the kids. They would always remember their special day and could share those memories with their family members. I also produced a video for a backyard makeover that was sponsored by Home Depot. These are just two of my volunteer experiences.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, running, photography, theatre, movies, books, travel, volunteering, taking classes, writing and food! I’ve eaten crickets tacos in Oaxaca, Mexico, watched a Flamenco show in Madrid, Spain to volunteering to build homes with Habitat For Humanity in El Salvador. My friends tell me that I approach people like I’ve known them my entire life. I can’t help it, as there’s no way I don’t have at least one thing in common with everyone I meet.